ThermaLytics is a technology company dedicated to development, integration and commercialization of innovative, multi-functional and robust devices, instruments, software and logistics for measurement, monitoring and validation of continuous flow processes in food, bioprocessing and other industries, with a special focus on monitoring continuous flow of multiphase and solid particulate-containing products.

ThermaLytics technologies incorporate two decades of particle flow monitoring research and developments at North Carolina State University which have been subsequently expanded and integrated into multi-functional, interactive systems for flow monitoring integrating proprietary implant carrier particles, automated particle insertion and extraction assemblies, real time temperature and process lethality monitoring and in-line process material property measurements.

We work with our customers, including several of the largest US and global food processors, to specify and appropriately modify the design and operating characteristics of their R&D, pilot plant and production installations to enable and optimize their ability to produce new, superior quality products for consumption in the United States and internationally.

ThermaLytics systems are currently used to monitor and validate continuous flow processing using a variety of conventional heat exchanger technologies (tube in tube, tube in shell, scraped surface) as well as the most advanced novel sterilization technologies like continuous flow ohmic heating and continuous flow microwave heating.

The Team

Michael Druga - President and CTO, Electrical Engineer, Research and Development, Software Programming and Controls Engineering.

Dr. Josip Simunovic - Professor, NC State University Department of Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences.

Dr. Kenneth R. Swartzel - William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor, NCSU Department of Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences, Inventor of Refrigerated Egg Process (Highest Gross Royalty in NCSU History: 20 Million plus).